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In honor of her husband, Erin hopes to create a movement in which people live lives full of compassion, everyday miracle, adventure, and being "bold and authentically you." It's a call to action to live your best life possible.
“Everybody is carefully watching what happens in Ventura,” says Robert Palmer, executive director of the Sacramento-based
A Ventura County ballot measure would replace the “defined benefit” pensions currently enjoyed by county employees and replace them with 401(k)-type plans for all future hires.
Our Torture is Better, 2008, Jacquard Tapestry, 115 x 77 inches It is just over half a mile from the "Cathedral of Our Lady
"It's such a limited thing," he said of the reach of school initiatives. "We don't sell sodas at school, but when they go
Sharp's arraignment was delayed until March 17, 2009, when he entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. As a result
Groups hoping to help Democrats pick up a House seat in November have spent more than $1 million aimed at boosting their favorite candidate and knocking off independent challenger Linda Parks.
What's your favorite Ventura County Fair attraction? Photo: Randy Son Of Robert; Flickr Excitement Of The MidwayThe midway
Can a new village of homes be built in a day? The answer is yes if you have volunteers, vision, and an innovative design for geodesic homes.
I didn't know you could play a Celine Dion CD off a car battery. But Mike Casper has figured how. He's one of 20 or so residents of River Haven, a transitional encampment in Ventura County, California.
Talk about selling fairgrounds? If we value the future of agriculture in California, this is not a dare any of us should be willing to take.
The ground is so hot in one part of Southern California it can melt the shoes right off your feet. -OR- An unexplained "thermal