Ventura County, California

Ventura County planners recommend proposed ordinance to carve out territory protections so wildlife can survive.
The department put Neil Kimball on paid leave, and he is being held on $2 million bail.
At least nine people have died in the Camp fire in Paradise. Meanwhile, thousands of people have fled their homes in the Hill and Woolsey fires.
In Santa Barbara County, the fires and mudslides are among the worst disasters in county history.
Trump is undermining the Interior Department, so check these out while you can.
How the Thomas fire is affecting an already vulnerable homeless community.
HuffPost's reporter headed up the SoCal coast, encountering a trail of haze, smoke and burned-out devastation along the way.
"I don’t think Ventura County is well-positioned to absorb an impact of this size.”
GoFundMe sites, the United Way and the Red Cross are among the ways to channel your generosity.