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“And with that, it’s over,” former Editor-in-Chief Megan Greenwell said Friday. “Deadspin no longer employs a single writer or editor."
A New York Times report detailed the company's practice of counting customer gratuity toward drivers' promised wages.
"I want to be the brand, instead of just being the face," the tennis star and venture investor told the magazine.
"I started Backstage Capital after noticing the disparities in the amount of money that was going to black women and other underrepresented founders, as compared to white men in Silicon Valley."
Ellen Pao opens up about her time at a prestigious venture capital firm. It was horrifying.
The actor-investor posted a tone-deaf list of questions about women and investing. The first one: What are the rules for flirting at work, exactly?
We can introduce you to angels and VCs, IF and WHEN your business is fundable and validated. Photo credit: Alessio Jacona
Rejection from investors and venture capitalists is common in the startup world. Nine out of ten startups will fail, and
The Yale endowment model is a case study which explains some benefits of hedge fund and private equity allocation. The Yale
Entrepreneurs thrive on competition and just as in elite sports, "winner takes all." One way of increasing the odds of success
Underrepresented communities and the people and organizations passionate about supporting them are adapting to the new environment through innovation, mobilization, and utilization of new resources.
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Answer by Steve Vassallo, General Partner at Foundation Capital, on Quora. What are some of the strongest things you've seen
Why women don't tend to scale or fundraise at the same rate as men.
This is the second part of a two-part series. You can read the first part HERE. I’ve noticed tendencies in female founders
In the meantime, I'll share one of the conclusions that I arrived at, which is that design is non-negotiable for startups