Venture for America

The entrepreneur posted his tax returns from 2011 to 2018, joining most of his fellow Democratic presidential candidates in the disclosures.
I listened to representatives of some of the most reputable aid organizations in the world squabble over "territory" -- completely disregarding the fact that "territory" was referring to the people suffering from disaster just outside the air-conditioned trailer.
I sometimes compare starting a business to having a child. You have a moment of profound inspiration, followed by months of thankless hard work and waking up in the middle of the night.
Everyone reading this knows a host of former lawyers, bankers, consultants, academics, or doctors for whom the work or environment was not right, many of whom eventually left the profession or stuck around halfheartedly.
I wanted to be a good non-profit leader, which cut against my instincts as a corporate leader. Why were the two so different?
At its core, Bandaloo aims to revolutionize the way that music is formed, found, and brought to you as musicians and music fans.
Our plan is to transform this house -- and, in the future, others like it -- into a home for future Venture for America Fellows who will become a part of the local community for years to come.
When I moved to Las Vegas over a year ago, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I had expected debt, depravity
No one's talking about evolution or even revolution anymore. Reinvention was so five years ago, and rebooting two. Now it's all about disruption. And who better to disrupt than outsiders? And that's why a pair of recent grads are the best people to navigate this corner of the social media PR space right now.
Translating everything into the universal language of years of experience, educational credentials, and software programs