vergara v. california

Black, Brown and poor communities across the United States deserve your commitment to "ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans," this includes ensuring equity in education because the constitution does not end at the school house door and you do know Plessy v. Ferguson was overturned, right!
When it comes to choosing between children who need schools that will prepare them for a successful future and help stabilize our country's economy or policies that benefit adults only and special interests, the choice is clear. We must choose Justice and Children every time!
The national focus on teaching quality is gradually giving rise to the emergence of authentic opportunities for teacher leadership.
The 13 districts serve approximately 250,000 students. Along with Antioch Unified, they are Chaffey Joint Union High School
Below are two graphics outlining the varying state policies on teacher tenure and job protections and teacher layoffs. In
Other bills would penalize school districts that do not include pupil progress in teacher job evaluations, and eliminate
Camille Hommeyer is a special education English teacher at the Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles Unified School District
For most teachers I know, the debate is personal -- not just because it's about our jobs, but because as teachers who are always striving to do our best work for our students, we want and need to be surrounded by colleagues who help each other by doing excellent work, too.
Whether I'm at a rally or a dinner party, I often hear this series of questions: So, you're pro reform and pro union. But, isn't there an insurmountable conflict of interest with the teacher's union and education reform?
TNTP have decided to stake out a middle ground on the tenure wars, claiming that we don't need to eliminate it -- just fix it. And to that end, they have eight proposals to create "a more balanced system." It's all in this very fancy "paper," which I am now going to "respond to" in this "blog post."
You must be aware of the political consequences of your education policies, however. The teachers unions, who supported your
While pro-Republican partisans seem to be exiting the fight, former members of the media, and key Democratic strategists connecting to Clinton and Obama, are leading the fight.
It is virtually inconceivable that Boies has taken the time to understand the common, questionable methodology of the small
Conservative political commentator Nicolle Wallace noted on "The View" that the issue of teacher tenure has proved divisive
The question of how and whether public school teachers should be able to obtain job security, or phrased another way, how easy it should be to fire them, is not new.
Why would 3,500 people go to sun- and fun-filled Los Angeles and opt to spend the bulk of their time inside a cavernous convention hall? To be heard.
The setting, the characters, and the dialogue in this play, are fictional. Unfortunately the court case, Vergara v. California, and the judge's decision are all too real.
Yes, the Vergara plaintiff team has used lots of civil rights rhetoric, and the court leads its ruling with a quote from Brown v. Board. But if this is about civil rights, it's through a funhouse mirror.
"So I guess you just deny that there are any bad teachers at all." This is a popular retort to various forms of "Your system for evaluating teachers is a lousy system." It is a dumb retort. It is dumb in the same way the following exchanges are dumb.