Verizon Wireless

What struck Kawaja and the audience was Armstrong's "bold" declaration that AOL would be the world's dominant open global
Please see our inteview with NFL digital chief Hans Schroeder who addressed the digital strategy at the league. Yesterday
While the imminent introduction of Verizon's 4G smart phones created a good bit of buzz at CES, the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone will likely run on the company's existing 3G network, at least initially.
There's no beating around the bush: the press release is titled "Congress Needs to Update the Nation's Antiquated and Anti
Verizon Wireless will "soon" introduce a comprehensive App development platform for Android OS, says Jennifer Byrne, Executive Director of New Business Development & Partnership at Verizon Wireless.
The company is keen on the Android device and will introduce several new models this year including devices which record
Sprint Nextel's new plan to hang on to fleeing customers: An all-you-can-eat calling package priced $10 below its competitors