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The actor, famous for his performance of Mini-Me, “was a fighter when it came to his own battles,” his representatives said.
Dumpster diving prevents food waste, plain and simple. It's not something we should punish but it is something we should reward.
"We had to go back and reshoot that," says Verne Troyer.
"He lifted up the blanket and my shirt, and my whole chest was caved in..."
Actor Verne Troyer, best known for his role as “Mini-Me” in the "Austin Powers" series, was hospitalized on Saturday after
When you hear the phrase "celebrity sex tape," certain images quickly come to mind. You think about a pair of impossibly
When they shifted over to a massive jacuzzi tub, Troyer peeked inside and said he could not only bathe in it, but could also
"I heard what happened and I just wanted to help you and the kids. Also, remember you can do anything you set your mind to
Ah, the sex tape. Remember when it was a huge deal when Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee's sex tape came out in the late 90s? They
Items on the auction blocks included a Fiat 500 car customized by Diesel, which sold for €80,000 ($110,000); tennis lessons
Because the 2ft 8in tall Celeb Big Brother star took the beauty who would become his wife to HEIGHTS of passion she'd never
Read more on TMZ Verne Troyer is suing Ranae Shrider, his former GF and sex tape partner, alleging she battered the hell
Verne Troyer's ex-girlfriend and sex tape co-star Ranae Shrider spoke to News Of The World about his beautiful eyes, their
'The Love Guru" is even funnier than "Wayne's World" or "Austin Powers." Not. If this movie were a president, it would be
Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" opens June 20 and the trailer is now online. Myers plays Pitka, an American left at an ashram