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Big news, Marshmallows. There's more "Veronica Mars" coming your way. After a Kickstarter campaign brought the show back
"Tried to get the movie streamed/downloaded on several devices and ended up wasting [five] hours and still didn’t get to
"What I wanted to write about, what was thematically interesting to me after teaching high school for years, was this generation
HuffPost Women caught up with Bell at the film's New York premiere. While it's easy to view Mars as an exceptional female
"I like that Veronica's main weapon is her wit," Bell continued. "Her honor and integrity also, but her sass is what she
"Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell stops by HuffPost Live to talk about her encounters with paparazzi.
The "Veronica Mars" movie premiered Saturday afternoon at the 2014 South By Southwest Film Festival, seven years after the
You might be motivated to watch the newly unveiled opening scene from the "Veronica Mars" movie for one of two reasons: You're
Let me tell you, as an avid television fan, I have loved and lost my fair share of TV shows, but none were harder to say goodbye to than Veronica Mars.
This concept has made the traditional method of trying to raise financing -- from wealthy individuals or big corporations like Warner Bros. -- on its ear. And that is a godsend for entrepreneurs!