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It's the film's inclusion of both a male sex worker character and a young child that's making some uncomfortable, although Blane is quick to point out that there is no remote connection between the two in terms of sexual situations or scenes.
Big news, Marshmallows. There's more "Veronica Mars" coming your way. After a Kickstarter campaign brought the show back
"Veronica Mars" was never the most-watched show on television, and its film adaptation followed suit: released in 291 locations
"Mars" is lauded for its multi-dimensional story telling, which owes largely to the title character's "paradox of confidence
The closer we get to the premiere of the "Veronica Mars" film, the more Rob Thomas and company seem determined to have us
Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for "Mars" fans as Rob Thomas' crowd-funded "Veronica Mars" film inches closer to
"I'm a people pleaser by nature and my biggest fear is that someone won't like me," she told HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri
None of that really matters, though. What made Veronica truly special to me was that she was human. Sometimes, Veronica needed
"Veronica Mars" is out in limited release and video-on-demand services on March 14. Or, as a dedication to the Kickstarter
The "Veronica Mars" movie premiered Saturday afternoon at the 2014 South By Southwest Film Festival, seven years after the
You might be motivated to watch the newly unveiled opening scene from the "Veronica Mars" movie for one of two reasons: You're
Let me tell you, as an avid television fan, I have loved and lost my fair share of TV shows, but none were harder to say goodbye to than Veronica Mars.
Brace yourselves, Marshmallows. A "Veronica Mars" spinoff is coming to The CW.
Brace yourselves, Marshmallows. A "Veronica Mars" spinoff is coming to The CW. Well, specifically the spinoff will be on
This concept has made the traditional method of trying to raise financing -- from wealthy individuals or big corporations like Warner Bros. -- on its ear. And that is a godsend for entrepreneurs!
If you were still on the fence about signing up for Amazon Prime, and "Alpha House" and "Betas" weren't doing it for you
Just over a year after show creator Rob Thomas asked fans to contribute to a Kickstarter for the film revival of the cut
Some people think I am smart, reasonably funny and refreshing. Other people probably think I am immature or annoying. I find the more I embrace me, the more the right people show up in my life.