vertical farming

The startup Square Roots is training the next generation of urban farmers in a Bed-Stuy parking lot.
Kimbal Musk's growing farm-to-table restaurant empire is expanding into urban farming.
Lazy, Entitled and Delusional. Several assumptions associated with (L.E.D.) millennials.
Food is reaching new heights -- literally. The vertical farming movement is bringing agriculture to the tops of skyscraper greenhouses, and NASA is taking it up into space.
After this intense immersion into the social fabric of our city's deportee community, we have learned that there are many creative ways to approach social issues and that we are ready to take on the new challenges ahead through more economically viable and scalable model of social enterprise in urban farming.
The World Exposition in Milan recently opened in Italy with the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Its admirable goal is "to guarantee healthy, safe, and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium."
Produce grown at MIT's CityFarm research project. MIT's CityFarm research project, aglow with LED lights. Further, all the
Tara Matthews, a Peace Corps volunteer in Kitgum, Uganda founded Kids Who Click, a program encouraging youth to capture and
The growing process is ultra-efficient, too: a one-acre greenhouse is capable of growing up to 500,000 pounds of pesticide
By 2050, 70% of the world population will live in cities, increasing the importance of urban farming projects. But as population density builds, green space is at ever more of a premium. Vertical farming offers a brilliant solution.
Celebrating its grand opening in Bedford Park, Ill., on Friday, FarmedHere utilizes a soil-free, aquaponic process to grow
It's easy to argue that architecture plays a part in the world of a foodie; most restaurants are uniquely designed to better
A former meat packing plant, once part of Chicago's legendary Union Stockyards, is trading in its stun line for a stunning new line of thinking.
Blue Phoenix Media runs a slew of websites that connect students with potential colleges and schools (both online and on-the-ground) based upon the particular background of each student.
I stepped onto the roof of the West Village restaurant Bell, Book and Candle and caught a glimpse of the future. I was surrounded by 60 white plastic towers seemingly sprouting from the floor.
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Since the world is becoming increasingly urbanized, planners have asked if we can bring food production directly to the people