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"Is there any chance you could drive us to the animal hospital?" Stella asked. "I'll be right there," I said. Stella adored
Animated interview with WWII vet Thomas E. Anderson. (With Subtitles)
"... Is to win the wars they fought," Cotton said, remaining calm. "It’s very clear what your views are," Boenig said. "My
Young was paralyzed in 2004 shortly after arriving in Iraq. He went on to become one of the nation's most prominent antiwar U.S. veterans speaking out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
You remembered the essentials: food and water bowls, a comfy bed, plenty of toys and a toolkit of grooming tools. But over 99 percent of pet owners are forgetting one of the most important products you need for your pet: insurance.
BaneCat is back -- and he's even less happy than he was before! In this latest episode from BloodBlitz, the cat (actually
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Bud started to cry before the doors of the van opened. He'd been oohing and pointing at the cyclic rate as we approached the pier, but when we slowed down and Mandy said, 'They're all here for you, Bud,' he was overwhelmed.
If your pet is experiencing prolonged episodes of reverse sneezing, bloody or yellow discharge from the nose, or any other accompanying respiratory problems, it's time to make an appointment with your veterinarian.
Although it seemed wrong to subject an elderly pet to a painful ordeal, the price tag was a factor, absolutely. My husband and I made the rational, perhaps cold decision to preserve resources for the humans in the family.
Just as with human health care in the United States, I believe the once good and affordable-for-all health care system for companion animals has been hijacked by those interested in money.
No veteran should come home to an unemployment check. Candidates need to do more, and all Americans need to demand answers on how they plan to support new veterans and their families -- on jobs and other critical issues.
A growing number of pet owners are turning to mobile veterinarians or "vets on wheels" to care for furry family members.