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For several years, one of the biggest shifts in the legal job market is the steady demand for specialized expertise. The career potential is high for skilled talent with industry or practice-area specialization. Both employers and clients are looking for efficiencies and value found in subject matter experts.
House Speaker John Boehner has been outspoken about the need to repair the chronic problems within the Veterans Affairs sector.
"Veterans don't deserve special care, benefits or assistance." How many Americans hold this view? How many would vote for a politician who supported it? And yet this is the message that veterans like Greg Valentini hear every day.
"What am I going to eat today?" Curtis Lipscomb wakes up with this gnawing question. It's exactly noon on Saturday.
It wasn't Al Gore who pioneered the Internet. It was DARPA, the military's advanced projects agency. America has a huge trade deficit, but one of the sectors where we're still a world leader is aircraft -- much of whose technological lead was financed by Pentagon purchases. Within the executive branch, one of the recognized leaders on the issue of climate change and sea level rise is, not surprisingly, the Navy. Even during the Bush Administration with its preponderance of deniers in high places, the Navy insisted that climate change was both real and man-made, and devoted resources to it. Why does the Navy care? As I heard one of their climate change leaders quip, "For one thing, our bases tend to be at sea level." In the case of energy policy, what's holding back innovation and domestic production is the absence of assured markets for startups. But in this anti-government, laissez-faire nation, the military gets a safe conduct pass to do something that no other branch of government is ideologically allowed to do -- commit the sin of economic planning.
Military veterans often struggle to find employment after completing their service for a number of cultural and socioeconomic reasons. But keen job search techniques can help veterans to snag a job when transferring back into civilian life.
Our political leaders have been called to step up and honor the promises made to our veterans for over ten years now. And the notion that the American veteran deserves better can -- and by now should -- be a bipartisan issue around which both sides of the aisle rally to action.
Many veterans, like me, have turned to our parks and public lands as a means of recovery. That is why I am speaking out to protect America's public lands -- it is time to repay what these places have given to me and other veterans.
"We're trying to find what their niche is and let basically emphasize, push them forward to it," D'Onofrio told
The VA's passive system forces veterans to figure out on their own what benefits they are eligible for. It is outrageous that after all these brave men and women have done for our country that our government allows so many of them to fall through the cracks.
On Monday we'll hear a lot of Memorial Day speeches about honoring our fallen soldiers and their disabled comrades. On Tuesday some of the politicians giving those speeches will try to cut benefits for them and their families.
The Republican agenda, it seems to me, is primarily about holding on to power at all costs. If that involves kow-towing to the Catholic church's objection to a museum exhibition, so be it.
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