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The new year is a time of change, resolutions, trying new things, and building good new habits (as well as casting off the
It has started with a series of face to face sessions with the leaders of some 19 veteran organizations comprising the California
Recently at a luncheon that brought together veteran service agencies with companies hiring veterans and supporting veteran and service-disabled veteran businesses, I heard Carole L. Bionda speak about the efficacy of employing veterans.
Amazon will provide 10,000 people with training in cloud computing skills.
With the effort to stay atop the latest innovations in digital marketing, many advertisers are overlooking media channels that still have great efficacy. When we look deeper at print media in the military community, it starts to make sense in the context of an overall campaign.
The report found that we veterans are not the "broken heroes" that our national leaders and the media have made us out to be. To be sure, some veterans do struggle with unemployment, homelessness and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), but on the whole we are a resilient bunch.
Further, a Northwestern story on the study noted, the more training sessions the users completed, the more likely they were
The #GiveThem20 challenge is a new push aimed not at raising funds but, instead, raising awareness for American veterans
"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is helping veterans break into showbiz. (Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central) The
Although the employment situation for veterans has improved since I left the military, the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells me we still have work to do. Every man and woman who has honorably worn the uniform of this country has the ability to make our nation stronger. I know because they already have.