veteran suicide

In tallying the costs of war, what’s the price of a quick death versus a slow one?
The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act allows mentally ill and severely depressed veterans to buy guns.
The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act allows mentally ill and severely depressed veterans to buy guns.
Many people view suicide as a selfish act and I can see that. I've been married 39 years, am a mother of three and grandmother of two. We're a close knit family and I'm sure my death would have a huge impact on my loved ones.
The report estimated that an average of 20 veterans a day died from suicide in 2014, or about 7,300 in the year, compared to a previous estimate of 22 a day.
But lets look at a different generation because it isn't just the teenagers with stress, depression, alcoholism and drug
It's still a long way to the November elections. In the meantime, I would ask my fellow Americans to pose the right questions that can put us on the road to a growing middle class, a more rational defense budget, and improved and sustainable living conditions for all.
Veterans who have willingly given so much in service to their country should not have to bear the burden of being further stigmatized by your ignorant and foolish statements. If you insist on trying to use your "celebrity status" for a cause, please educate yourself on the facts of PTSD.
Michael wanted to make a plan, wanted to know what he'd be doing for the winter. He started thinking about those farmer-training programs he'd read about, and decided to apply.
With a nod to songwriters George Wyle and Edward Pola, this popular holiday song is everywhere in this season.  You hear it in malls, in elevators, on the radio and TV. The lyrics hit all the bases: gatherings of friends and family, music, memories.
The yellow ribbons have faded and the welcome home parades are a distant memory. But there's a price to pay for outsourcing our national defense to less than one percent of the population over 14 years of war. This isn't a military problem. It belongs to all of us.
I am haunted by guilt and the smells of blood and gunpowder.
During a recent Veteran's charity fundraising gala, much like the hundreds of galas that occur year round, something significant happened: At a point in the show the emcee asked all attendees from a certain group of Veterans in the audience to stand and be recognized...not a single person stood in spite of their presence.