Trump has already said he plans to veto the measures, but they represent yet another standoff with lawmakers in Congress.
President Donald Trump vetoed the legislation Congress passed to block his national emergency declaration over border wall funding.
He promised hundreds of times that Mexico would pay for his pet project, but now Trump is raiding the Pentagon budget.
The GOP senators voted against their president, setting up the first veto of his presidency.
Enough support now seems likely in the Senate to pass a disapproval resolution and force a presidential veto.
Congress' vote to override President Obama's veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act was both embarrassing and irresponsible.
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Congress might have to “fix” the legislation to protect U.S. service members in particular.
The bill would open up U.S. officials to foreign lawsuits, the president says.
Today, smaller countries continue to protest the primacy of the five permanent members of the Security Council. They argue that it can no longer be seen as a legitimate body since the power realities of 2016 are so plainly different than those of 1945.
In the past week, my inbox has been filled with Google alerts about the new GMO "labeling " bill, S 764, which is on President Obama's desk to sign into law. The lies that are being fed to the American public are not, however, being eaten up by savvy consumers.
I just asked President Obama to veto the GMO labeling law, S. 764, which establishes an almost meaningless national labeling standard for genetically modified foods.
Gov. Bill Haslam vetoed a bill that would have made the Bible the official state book.
Seventy years after the founding of the UN, armed conflict continues to plague the world. The UN Charter forbids the use of military force except in self-defense after an armed attack by another state or when approved by the Security Council. Yet the three most recent US presidents have violated that command.
WASHINGTON -- Time to bring out the veto pen, Mr. President. The Senate on Wednesday passed the annual National Defense Authorization
The Missouri bill goes even further than most by criminalizing employers and subjecting small business owners to unlimited civil liability and jury verdicts. In short, it takes away the rights of an employer to decide for itself how to run its business.