veto override

Democrats and Republicans force a law into effect that enables 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia.
Obama vetoed the bill last week, arguing that the bill "conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short
It was a chaotic afternoon at the Statehouse in Concord Wednesday as the House voted to override Gov. John Lynch's veto of
State Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley released a statement Wednesday afternoon calling the bill "reckless and irresponsible
David Paterson's role in introducing and leading the fight for the legalization of same sex marriage is nothing short of stunning.
"Why do you people constantly flaunt your homosexuality?" the grandmotherly old lady said. "What do you mean 'flaunt?!'" I said, exasperated.
As outrageous as it may sound, heterosexual families will become stronger and stronger as more states follow Iowa's gay marriage ruling.
It's an ugly season in Washington when the keepers of power are actively working to deny heat and medical care to those in need.