With the new app, the YouTube/Vevo frenemy relationship heats up. Yes, YouTube is Vevo's largest distribution partner, but
Will the big guys crowd out innovation in digital TV? Saul and Steve have a lively debate about whether the rapidly emerging over-the-top TV market is going to be open to innovative upstarts as well as media giants trying to learn new tricks.
Adele’s music video for ‘Hello’ is killing it.
Will I subscribe? I can't decide. But seriously, if the world's best musicians really think that they are "taking a stand" by charging us more money to stream their music in the name of "high-fidelity" sound... then they are seriously out of touch in more ways that I ever thought was imaginable.
Whilst mobile users consume Vevo in a very personal way, Jones says those who sit down to watch Vevo on the many IPTV boxes
A music lover usually uses sites like YouTube, MySpace or VEVO to search the artist they want to view. They pick the song's music video, click and begin watching. But, they must know what song they want to listen first in order to watch a music video. The question is, do they?
I realize that I may be setting myself up for criticism for letting her watch, but I feel strongly about striking a balance between protecting my children and being realistic about the world in which they are growing like weeds. So, as she watched, I asked her what she was thinking.
This post has been updated to include figures from Pandora. Twitter Music suggests artists and songs to listen to based on
VEVO's new 24-hour digital linear music video channel, that launched last month at SXSW, plans to expand its distribution
9. Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull 10. Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony 3. Pitbull – International Love