Vic Damone

He was once described by Frank Sinatra as having "the best pipes in the business."
Sam Cooke's lament -- "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody" -- summed up my social situation after, for reasons known only to my unconscious. I'd blown the Sweet 16 by ignoring my friendly good-looking date in favor of a sarcastic snob at the next table.
In the wake of "Ebb Tide," Carl's 1953 oceanic collaboration with composer Robert Maxwell, hundreds of orchestras and singers recorded it. Millions purchased those recordings. Critics fawned over it. Teens made out to it. Couples chose it as their wedding song.
The mission impossible: write a brilliant lyric, and write it yesterday. Carl chose to accept it.
Cabaret is alive and not quite yet reduced to gasping for breath in New York City.
This week's playlist features music from Richard Strauss, Carl Barât, Paula Abdul, and Alanis Morissette.
This week, we feature music by Chris Issak, Barry Manilow, Sandra Bernhard, Paula Abdul, and more.