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"They, in fact, are seduced by the notion that they are so self-important."
The single biggest asset, though, that a VP pick brings to any presidential table is that he or she can turn on more voters than their potential boss can or has turned off no matter what part of the country they hail from, their gender, or their rank in the party. Pence and Kaine were tapped precisely because both were seen as being able to accomplish that tricky feat.
As historic and as beneficial as was Mondale's role in elevating the vice presidency, that accomplishment was an application of Mondale's leadership, beliefs and skill, and a vehicle for Mondale to advance some of his values, not the measure of the man or his "Living Legacy" as many headlines implied.
The growing interest in the possible presidential candidacy of Vice President Joe Biden rebuts two inconsistent judgments that had gained popularity when conventional wisdom dismissed his prospects.
"You're really sort of castrated," Rich said. "You can go to a lot of state funerals, you can participate at a lot of ceremonial
The 2012 presidential election will be a nail biter. But even if it was a potential runaway for either Obama or Romney, the vice presidency would still be important. Obama knew it and picked Biden. McCain missed it and picked Palin. Romney won't miss this and will pick a boring white guy.
When asked whether Sarah Palin was well-suited for the vice presidency when she ran with Republican candidate John McCain
When asked if the complicated swap might confuse voters in advance of the midterm elections, the president said, "I certainly hope so."
ABC is developing a drama series about the Vice President — and it includes a sexy twist. Variety reports (subscription required
When Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced his vice presidential running mate in the summer of 2008, his choice was greeted with equal servings of curiosity and enthusiasm.