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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) described busing as “a tool” to be considered for school desegregation.
Vice President Joe Biden has some strong words for President Donald Trump in a new op-ed.
This is exactly the approach Republican party replicated after President Obama took office in 2008; a grassroots movement
As America’s 47th Vice President, Joe Biden leaves a lasting legacy.
As America’s 47th Vice President, Joe Biden leaves a lasting legacy.
As America’s 47th Vice President, Joe Biden leaves a lasting legacy.
Nonetheless, herewith is the final report card of POTUS Barack Obama, a good man who indisputably restored intelligence and integrity to the White House.
I write to urge you, while you are in my hometown, Philadelphia, for the Democratic National Convention, to choose Vice President Joe Biden to be your running mate. His qualities are those that can assure your success.
I've surrounded myself with people who are fighting for those who stutter, and I've never been happier. While the journey is full of tasteless jokes and ignorance, there will always be those who help guide the way in compassion and understanding.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have convinced their rank and file that they are better off being dragged around by their noses by corporate bigwigs who give them money than they are by paying attention to the needs of ordinary voters.
STOP SV represents the best available evidence to prevent or reduce sexual violence. Communities and states can use STOP
The vice president talked to The Huffington Post about his decades-long quest to end domestic violence and sexual assault.
Too many women and men are getting hurt on our campuses, and too much of our culture still accepts this reality as inevitable. There are incredible advocates on every campus in this country and It's On Us seeks to connect us - and in so many ways, this effort is succeeding.
I debated whether or not I should go; whether my appearance within this performance would also be tokenizing and uphold the idea that the Oscars and media depictions of rape are "more diverse" than they often are. My parents told me I was being ridiculous; obviously I had to go. And the reality is that I wanted to give myself this experience.
"I would ask my friends and colleagues -- and all those who love the Senate -- to think long and hard before going down this road."