Vice President of the United States

Number One Observatory Circle on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory is the traditional home for veeps.
Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first woman vice president, with girls around the country watching.
On a historic Inauguration Day, Joe Biden’s running mate becomes the first woman, Black American and Asian American to serve as VP.
The sweet moment between the vice presidential candidate and the 4-year-old made a splash online.
Peggy Noonan wrote that the Democratic vice presidential nominee is "coming across as insubstantial, frivolous" and that her dancing was "embarrassing."
“This IS the greatest country in the world and hopefully you’ll be blessed beyond belief," the former GOP vice presidential candidate wrote.
The leading contenders include California Sen. Kamala Harris, California Rep. Karen Bass and Obama national security adviser Susan Rice.
The Minnesota senator’s chances at the vice presidential slot on the Democratic ticket dwindled dramatically after the death of George Floyd.
As few as six serious contenders are entering a second round of vetting to become a potential vice presidential nominee.
Former Sen. Chris Dodd, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester will co-chair the presumptive Democratic nominee's selection committee.