victim blaming

"So she's uncomfortable with something she voluntarily went to?" the judge asked, referring to a 13-year old girl.
The Fox News host said it’s a survivor’s “obligation as a citizen” “to protect the rest of us from whomever you believe did it.”
The two perpetrators' convictions still stand, but their sentences will likely be reduced.
The Olympic gymnast called out victim shaming in a series of tweets.
"Nothing like blaming the classmates for their own murders. Well done!" one user tweeted.
And why the burden of preventing sexual violence should be on men.
How can we effectively begin to convince people that victim blaming is wrong? One answer may lie in understanding why they
Community members, as well as medical and social service professionals, frequently lack sympathy for women who stay with their abusers. These same women are sometimes treated poorly by the criminal justice system, too.
My anger quickly turned to nausea, not just because the man who wants to lead our country has no respect for women, but because of the support his followers would -- and did -- lend him regardless.
By Kayleigh Roberts In August, the comedian and former Inside Amy Schumer writer Kurt Metzger reignited a national conversation
It was late 2012 as the days dwindled, preparing for the birth of a new year. But in Munirka, Delhi, it would be a new year
The photo series was inspired by Brock Turner’s early release from jail.
"Putting this kid in jail for two years would have destroyed this kid’s life."
In news articles about sexual assault, 1 in 4 comments blame the victim.