victoria and albert museum

Red carpet entrance of The Beverly Hill Hotel. Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In fact
An art exhibition offers a brief look at skivvies past and present.
It seems for this young bride (who just happened to be ruler of an empire), that it came down to choosing the feelings of her future husband over her own ego. Victoria's heart-centered choice changed bridal history and, in turn, illuminated the supreme sovereignty of a woman in love.
If an invasion of extra terrestrials were imminent we could do worse than imagine creatures resembling those of Alexander McQueen's at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.
Sugar. Talk of it is everywhere. It's one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes in our country. It is an ingredient so common to us that it is difficult to imagine a world without it.
Why do artist duos so often operate with a sardonic sense of humor, in various shades of black? Think of the caustic wit
It's London's turn in the great art fair cycle, and Frieze and its satellites have descended upon the British city for the eleventh year. As expected, the powers behind Frieze have a world class line up of special exhibitions, film and a sculpture park that will pair contemporary and historical pieces.
Plan ahead -- not just for this exhibition but for London travel in general. Below are a smattering of suggestions for visiting London -- and witnessing the glitteringly glam career of Mr. Bowie.
~~~Amy Flurry Courtesy of the artists, Amy Flurry and Nikki Nye Paper-Cut-Project Victoria & Albert museum's "Hollywood Costume
In recent decades, movie musicals that began as full-length animation features and original movie musicals have become multi-million dollar stage vehicles drawing audiences into theatres in cities around the world.
Hollywood Costume, sponsored by Harry Winston, opens at the V&A on October 20, 2012. The exhibit includes over 100 ensembles
The recession of the past years has sparked a lot of debate around the fate of the arts and craft industry. With manufacturing power is moving Eastward toward mass production factories in China and India, what is left of Europe's history in true craftsmanship?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best bit about visiting any museum or large art gallery is the trip to the gift shop.