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Looking beyond gender inequity in literary media makes for a disturbing view.
King told The Huffington Post that they look forward to building on this year's initial report, pointing out that they will
We as advocates for female writers and editors should make an effort to celebrate the publications that employ large numbers of women. Community newspapers and journals do just that. Yet those publications tend to pay less than national ones pay.
Does the VIDA count work? It's hard to say, at this early stage. But this year's small movements may be first rumblings of larger tectonic shifts.
A couple of giants in the original VIDA Count have begun to move. While we can’t call it a trend or cause for partying just
Why do some folks get in such an uproar when women simply ask for a fair shake, equal footing? Why does anyone think women writers are exempt from institutional sexism?
According to a 2008 study by the National Endowment for the Arts, 58% of women read books defined as literature, compared
According to VIDA's study, the New Yorker published 459 pieces by men vs. 165 pieces by women in 2011. The New Republic published