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Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Puppies and puppies and more puppies, oh my! The above video shows playful swarms
New York Knicks President Phil Jackson griped this week that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James travels a heckuva lot
Humans. What are they good for? Belly-rubs and petting! Watch the patient dogs in the above video compilation train their
Watch the patient pups train their obtuse humans to become serviceable canine masseurs.
Have you ever had the urge to try beating the gate at a train crossing? Well, the above compilation of trains vs. trucks
We've seen our fair share of seal compilations, but somehow they never get old and this one is no exception. Groovy baby
When Thomas the Tank Engine comes to town, there's no messin' around. Thomas will crash and crash and crash until the bodies
Or, you know, their owners just find it pretty hilarious. Via Tastefully Offensive Not all cats keep their slinky figures
After three years of faithful service, Urlesque is moving to a new home at HuffPost Comedy. So in celebration of the memes