Video editing

"One. Attack veterans and decorate your homophobic chauvinist friends," the comedian sings in his version of "New Rules."
The "Late Show" host joins the proceedings in this spoof video.
"What's the only way we're going to be able to get through the Trump presidency?"
Richard Ross is a fashion and commercial photographer and video maker based in Dallas, TX working across the country. He
Though it's hard to go wrong with some slow motion, outer space and nice music, it takes a special kind of eye to make a
Tim Burton would definitely approve of this marriage proposal. Hernandez told Denver news station KUSA-TV on Saturday that
Here's a video based on the simple premise that things look cooler in reverse. How else do you jump out of a pool, or have
Viddy's simple, single-button editing tools enhance videos clips with effects, filters, transitions, audio tracks, geotags
Most people who run their own businesses will tell you that they've never worked as hard as they did when they started up their companies. Trust me, it's not easy living off of Top Ramen and cheap coffee.