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Kel Mitchell talks about landing a cameo in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" music video.
While video games were once seen as a lazy hobby, many schools are now bringing them on campus. Some universities offer video game design majors, while others are even making video games an official sport. We go on campus to find out more.
Many comments on the Civ5 Facebook page thought the placement was a little odd. Shouldn't communism be put on the left and fascism on the right?
After many hours of searching, I've identified some of the most prestigious colleges in America with strong game production programs.
Last year, major video game publishing companies donated vast quantities of games and game systems to DonateGames to help raise funds for children with rare diseases.
We're currently hard at work on "Hail to the Chimp," a politically-charged party game set to release on the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 in the spring of '08.