Video game industry

The "Patriot Act" host explained the "development crunch," an exploitative cycle that runs rampant across the video game industry.
"The Daily Show" host wasn't impressed by the president's meeting with the video game industry.
The world of gaming as we know it is changing. Women are the new target market as gaming applications continue to expand into the mobile market -- cell phones and tablets. With this shift, companies are looking for talented artists to provide the visual creative component in these devices.
These days, gaming might just as easily mean launching attacks on pigs in "Angry Birds" or slicing produce with swiping motions
In a tough economy where painful education cuts are the norm, it is more important than ever to create an affordable -- and in this case fun -- engine for teaching skills to our children. Why does this work so well?
Video Game Industry, could you do us this favor? Could you try, try try to accept that this kind of sexism is real. That it's not just denigrating to women and girls, but it's denigrating to men and boys as well.
Strong,Can You Jump It? When we typically think of video games we often envision a few teenage boys screaming at the TV amid
In a society where parents fabricate the disappearance of their small child in the hopes of getting a reality television show, it should be no surprise that Erik Estavillo is seeking his fifteen minutes of fame.
Kathleen Buczko, a mother of three, is the toy industry's Grinch this year. She plans to cut her spending on toys by 25%. To