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"The thing that I always miss about being at home -- it's just not the same in Nashville -- is on a perfect night you can
As a result, the Nashville-based musician who made her solo album debut (covered here in October) was named singer-songwriter
In "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," directed by Dylan White and shot in one take at ONE at Cannery Row in Nashville, four
"Rolling in the Moonshine" is one of 10 tunes from Alien Ocean, a swingingly superb full-length album -- one of my favorites
The Alabama-based band explores themes of salvation and hope on sophomore album.
Morena: What is something you are into right now? Whether it be a hobby, person, food, color, artist, musician, song, album
Emerging from the underground pop music scene, Burnette is creating soulful tracks that are catchy, emotive and lyrical. "Underneath
Lurie's dreams of playing in an orchestra were stopped two months short of graduating while she was working on her senior
COVER-ON-DEMAND Matt Sucich is a prolific singer/songwriter who hails from Prince Akeem land AKA Queens. Last year, he dropped