vijay iyer

During this ongoing sober upheaval in the jazz marketplace with disparaging questions abounding (what is jazz; how can we
Samuel D. Hunter writes about the "other America," the one that is landlocked not only by geography but by a lack of opportunity
Why our culture finds it so hard to situate someone who's neither black nor white.
NYC Winter Jazzfest turns those icy days into a bracing experience that allows savvy fans to binge on dozens of acts spread across ten venues in the village that delve deep into the many sub-genres of this timeless form.
Rossellini shines a light on the humor of mating but also touches on our profound need for it beyond utility. Green Porno is incredibly cheeky fun but buried slyly in there is a message about those who wish to define acceptable mating practices and the urging for them to stop.
Iyer points to the “ongoing dialogue for several decades” between jazz artists and those trained in Hindustani music, a North
22. Computer scientist Dina Katabi, 42 Weems is a photographer and video artist who explores the legacy of African-American
On the long plane ride back to the USA from my tour of duty in Vietnam in late 1971, I had a hard time sleeping, afraid, I've determined in hindsight, that I'd wake up back in Vietnam! So, I passed the time listening to music and scribbling random thoughts on a piece of paper.
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Iraq used to be merely a name on a map for many Americans before September 11, 2001. After nine years of war, it's still