Viktor Orbán

“There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orban," Trump said at the Mar-a-Lago meeting.
Viktor Orbán joined the platform and noted the absence of Donald Trump, who is banned. But if Elon Musk buys the site, the Hungarian's "good friend" may return.
A meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest kicked off this week with prominent American conservatives in attendance.
"The Daily Show" comedian headed to Hungary to find out why Trump supporters are so obsessed with the European country.
Tucker Carlson, the American Conservative Union, and even Mike Pence are paying homage to Europe’s most autocratic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ leader.
Carlson visited Hungary to "extol" the hard-right leader, who censors the media, ignores voters and "amasses wealth for himself and cronies," the senator said.
Viktor Orbán has pushed a Soros-backed university out of the country, the latest sign that Hungary’s democracy truly is failing.
Here’s what happens when the radical right starts vying for power.
Viktor Orban has led the anti-migrant shift that now threatens to fracture the European Union.
Individuals and organizations that aid displaced people seeking safety could end up in prison.