viktor orban

Quickly moving to utilize emergency measures passed last week, critics say Prime Minister Viktor Orban is "killing democracy."
Under a state of emergency decree, the prime minister can jail people for ‘disinformation’ and rule by decree.
The acclaimed director of a Jewish museum criticized Poland's nationalist government. Now he’s out of a job.
The "Late Night" host mocked the president's praise of the Hungarian prime minister, who's known for white nationalist, anti-Semitic views.
President Donald Trump praised Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister who has tried to take over the independent news media and who has refused to accept Syrian refugees.
Orbán has attacked the judiciary, taken over the free press and led anti-Semitic assaults, including against a major university, but Trump praised him lavishly.
Viktor Orbán has pushed a Soros-backed university out of the country, the latest sign that Hungary’s democracy truly is failing.
Central European University announced it's being forced to move by Viktor Orban's far-right government.
Here’s what happens when the radical right starts vying for power.
Viktor Orban has led the anti-migrant shift that now threatens to fracture the European Union.