Typhoon Phanfone stranded people in sea and airports at the peak of holiday travel, flooded villages and knocked out power in entire provinces.
Roaming Polar Bear Found Far From Home In Russian Village
Myanmar is an incredible place to travel right now because it is not "touristy". With more relaxed visa laws and cheaper flights, especially from Vietnam or Thailand, this place will naturally become more and more touristy in the coming years. So now is the right time to go to get a more authentic experience.
I gaze into the wall of green to my left, squinting past thick, leafy boughs of the Cambodian jungle, bewildered. I look to my map; there nothing but the giant reservoir to my right and green uniformity to my left. I peer into the jungle, then back to the map. Back to the jungle.
To get the most out of your rainforest experience, you have to either do a night walk, or a night boat ride with a guide and a spotlight to try to see the many nocturnal species of the Amazon.