village people

Even after the Village People asked him to stop using their song, Trump did anyway in a scene people called "surreal" and like a "fever dream."
Lead singer Victor Willis, who co-wrote "Macho Man" and "Y.M.C.A.," doesn't want the president to play those songs if he orders the U.S. military to fire on protesters.
"Our music is all-inclusive and certainly everyone is entitled to do the YMCA dance, regardless of their political affiliation," a statement from the band read.
When you think about it, the 1970s weren't as bad as those of us who tend to prefer the 1960s often like to say. There was unquestionably some good entertainment and some good times, even if we didn't like the clothes we were wearing.
Here's how it goes down: when the proposal kicks off, the unsuspecting Babbins quickly begins to say, "Don't, don't, don't
Since then, the Village People have sold 100 million records worldwide, thanks in part to songs such as "Y.M.C.A." Not only
With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics only weeks away and violence currently plaguing the Russian population, the planned response to and protest of the country's anti-gay laws are gaining more traction than ever.
The law has not only inspired similar bills, but subjected LGBT Russians to public acts of violence and private acts of torture
What if they declared a cultural revolution and nobody came? That's pretty much the situation with Can't Stop the Music, the movie that was supposed enshrine disco as the musical trend of the eighties and instead wound up being the genre's epitaph.
A lot of the qualities of the most "singalong-able" songs were expected: Their singers inspired "confidence" and excitement