Fourth of July Weekend at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Secaucus, NJ I debuted my comic series Tree of Keys. In the middle of a huge empty convention center imagination and fun reigned. We had 6 Astro Heroes, lots of kids, our Villain, Nefos, Zalinda, the heroine, and everyone joined in Fighting Evil with their Own Talents.
1. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters 6. Chucky from Child's Play Sure, there was cool scene that saw Colin Farrell's
Before we get into the logistics of what makes a villain a villain, what drives them, and what types of villains fit best into any given genre or story, we must first define the word and differentiate it from another classic cinematic term -- "antagonist."
Leave your honor and duty at the door, good guys, because we're hitting the road to visit the most villainous hideouts in fictional history. Mwahaha!
Where do I get off messing with Dorothy like this? Look, just hear me out. 6. Olivia Pope, Scandal. Olivia Pope is America's
Tune in Tuesday, April 8th 10/9c, on Investigation Discovery Everybody loves a bad guy. But to be honest, there’s something
Cruella: She's the woman you want to shop with, but not necessarily someone you want to have watch your puppies. Or children. Or plants.
Millions upon millions roll into the world of their favorite shows as an escape and a distraction. There is one genre of TV shows that I have noticed, and think discovered, becoming more and more popular, which is that of a "likable villain."
2. We're getting ready to conquer the world! Of course, the NSA also missed the military psychiatrist who chatted with a