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I maintain an email list of Villanova basketball fans that I have dubbed the NovaHoops List. I periodically distribute blurbs
But the dramatic finish of the NCAA title game isn't every TV analyst's cup of tea.
They won by 44 in the Final Four, but the sanctity of the game is still safe.
During his talk, Steltenkamp recited a prayer written by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order. “Teach me,” the
I was excited to read that on March 18, 2014, President Obama will award 24 war veterans the Medal of Honor, the country's highest commendation for gallantry.
"Once I get one, they know I'm hunting for two and three," Wragge said after the game, per the Associated Press. "It's a
After hitting a couple rough patches in conference play, the Tar Heels got on track winning eight of their last ten games
Fisher's length-of-the-court inbound pass was caught by Maurice Sutton as he fell out of bounds. The Rutgers students poured
Villanova & Saint Mary's kick off the second round of the NCAA Tournament at 1:05 PM Eastern (10:05 AM Pacific) on Saturday