It can really save those last-minute dinner scrambles.
From Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love by Terry Hope
Instead of using vinegar to make a salad dressing, Webb suggests using a form of citrus, like limes, lemons or oranges. Which
When we cook, we need vinaigrettes like we need salt.
You'll be rewarded with silky aiolis, mayonnaise that won't break, and vinaigrettes that hold together for days in the fridge.
Smoky, deep, spicy, robust, crunchy, it's a carnival for the taste buds!
Throw out those bottled dressings. They're no good here.
It is easy to love this popular combination. Light, healthful and delicious, it is best prepared when strawberries are at their early-summer peak.
Once you start making your own salad dressing, you'll never look back.