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For nearly 10 years, Toronto Raptors fans have booed Vince Carter at Air Canada Centre. But Wednesday night was different
Did you feel that? For a brief moment there, we were teleported back to the late '90s-early 2000s with this dunk by Vince
Forget Will Ferrell, any future "Anchorman" movies should cast Dirk Nowitzki. The seven-footer got together with five of
UPDATE: The NBA fined Howard $25,000 for tossing the ball into the stands, per Marcus J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports. Carter
Dallas' Vince Carter was suspended by the NBA for one game without payfor delivering an elbow to Oklahoma City center Steve
The days of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Shaquille O'Neal, Tracey McGrady, and Vince Carter are long gone. Although the legends may have retired, the present day has brought in a new generation of high flyers -- and it seems like some of the best touch down in the Staples Center.
By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports Welcome to school, Harrison Barnes. First lesson: Why you should never, ever leave a player
At age 35, Vince Carter isn't leaping tall buildings in a single bound anymore. Sure, he still gets up for a highlight-reel
Attendees of Carter's event last week also included some of those same NBA figures, in addition to Steve Smith of the Philadelphia
Shortly before halftime, Carter had the ball out on the perimeter and was being defended by Randy Foye, who clearly didn't
The Dallas Mavericks open the season against the Miami Heat and the Mavs will raise their first championship banner in franchise
Vince Carter of the Orlando Magic added to his highlight reel in Thursday night's 105-89 victory over the Phoenix Suns. In
Fans of trick shots have had some good ones to choose from this year. Monta Ellis has nailed two himself -- a blind long
Congratulations, New Jersey Nets. They have reached the halfway point of the NBA season with exactly 3 wins. They are on track for the all time futility record.
This year I've adopted a new system. I'm betting on the colleges with the highest SAT scores and the strictest admission's policies.