vincent fort

Former state Sen. Vincent Fort has spent his career building diverse coalitions for racial and economic justice.
Bernie's history was my starting point in learning more about him, but what he's pushing for now is what clinched my decision to switch my endorsement for president from Hillary Clinton to him. There are three specific policy reasons I support him.
Also, the KKK "was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order."
Read more on the arrests at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Stone spoke out against the movement in Georgia after Monday's
The bill, proposed by state Rep. Tom Kirby (R-Loganville), would nullify any future federal gun restrictions, rendering laws
My conclusion? These backers were seriously "dissing" those of us who have been well represented by Senator Fort. Sure, a
Gov. Sonny Purdue calls the probe into only 12 of the alleged 50 schools, "woefully inadequate," and has commenced his own