Seated Wine Experiences at St. Supéry. Image courtesy St. Supéry Harvest in the vineyard. Image courtesy St. Supéry Winery
By Yoga Journal The theory: Moving through yoga poses and doing breathwork in a vineyard setting can open up the body's senses
What advice can you offer women who want to start their own business? I think, by nature, us women are people-pleasers. And
And a nice glass of wine always helps too! How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life? It
Napa is certainly not known for being cheap -- and if you're booking some last minute flights to get away for Columbus Day, well, better stick to bread and water for dinner tonight (or the rest of the month, really). But at least we can help you out with finding some value-packed hotels.
Why can't I explore the vineyards with my kids, ages 7, 9 and 12, without getting the sloe-eye from the proprietor or other patrons? Have I broken with proper etiquette? Or is this just a uniquely American hang-up?
Former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl champion Drew Bledsoe sits down with Marc to talk about his newest passion project, wine. From dirt to bottle, Drew shares his love of wine making and the story behind his vineyard Double Back, plus much more.
Drew Bledsoe stops by HuffPost Live to discuss gay professional football players and whether they will be accepted in the locker room.
So the next time you raise a glass of something very aromatic, very elegant and very expensive, remember to toast the folks driving the tractors. Toast their colleagues who dig dirt and shovel dung. All of that, plus sweat and passion, ended up in your glass.
Something exciting is happening in the Santa Ynez Valley. Beyond its rustic beauty, exceptional climate for growing fruit, steadily improving wines, and somewhat superlative location, it now appears to be poised on the launch pad of cultural relevance.
The northern portion of Oregon's Willamette Valley is only an hour's drive from Portland, the state's largest city, but the 5,200 square mile swatch of wine country seems a world apart in its unhurried, scenic way.
California's first vineyards were planted starting in 1779 by Franciscan missionaries. The vines planted were what have become known as Mission grapes, or Criolla, a term that covers a few varieties traditionally used for sacramental wine.
The five acres were originally purchased by Gabriela's grandmother in 1936. Malbec vines and olive trees had been planted at the turn of the century and meticulously maintained.
What's better than an afternoon of swilling and slurping?
5. "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" (Season 2, 1953) With Lucy on the verge of having her baby, the Ricardos and Mertzes rehearse
How many times will I ever see a camel, zebra, llama , buffalo and horses all eating side by side and enjoying their food?
Autumn is a great time of year to visit wineries because they're bustling with activity. During this season, workers are
As we make wine in one of the most economically trying times in recent history, I predict that among those who prosper in these tough times, we will find a shared philosophy and a commitment to a triple bottom line.