Vineyard Theatre

The act, which for a good part of it feels like a spin on a one-act from Neil Simon's Plaza Suite, includes Emil showing
Dot -- which was first presented at the 2015 Humana Festival at Actors Theatre of Louisville, with Johnson in the title role -- is not yet quite in a finished state. The first act could use a little tightening, and there is a deceptive ending midway through the second which interrupts the momentum.
How do you describe a play that is so surprising -- and so excellent -- that you don't want to give readers an idea of what they are in for?
The Billy & Ray of the vague title Mike Bencivenga gives his play at the Vineyard are Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler.
Playwright Nicky Silver, director Mark Brokaw, and living legend Linda Lavin have returned to the Vineyard Theatre, launching-ground of their 2011 comedy The Lyons, for another go at it.
What struck me about these two musicals was how well, despite any perceived weaknesses, each show resonated with its audience. That's such an elusive quality for a new show to display and yet it was undeniable in performance.
You could also, dangerously but not inaccurately, describe The Landing as 'the new John Kander musical.' While 'a musical' leads us to expect things that aren't quite present, labeling it a new Kander musical is far more problematic.
Now, at last, Previn's career is to be feted properly by New York's Vineyard Theatre on Monday June 17th, when a group of
"This is very bad word you say, Malcolm," she says. In "Outside People," the differences become overwhelming, but Dohrn believes
For decades now, Pee-wee Herman has provided the best sort of entertainment for kids; Middletown toys with language but adds an emotional element here that gives an audience something more to latch onto than mere cleverness.
Time was, audiences went to musicals--more often called musical comedies then--to see famous entertainers sing great songs