A sweet-sounding list of vinyl, turntables, music memorabilia and more ideas created by the DJs at the legendary station.
Mariah Carey, Elvis, James Brown, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash and more Christmas music.
This synthetic material (along with PVC) may not be new in fashion, but it's definitely having a moment.
Over the past ten or so years, we've seen vinyl sales increase. Despite premature claims of its demise, the physical book
For whatever reason, the music game has never consistently provided a framework within which that can happen. The demise
MCA: Our Earth. It is so beautiful and we are ruining it. We have to appreciate its beauty and use our voices to help it
I had wondered what the co-creator of the recent Martin Scorsese-Mick Jagger HBO offering Vinyl was doing seemingly dishing dirt on our Glimmer Twins. Cohen had worked for the duo of Marty & Micky in the 90s and the co-creator credit appeared to be his belated going-away prize. Whether it was offered, deserved or seized is very hard to discern when the result is Vinyl.
3. Pressing quality. English was the best, French (until the late 1970s) was the worst. Audiophile icon Linn Records' new
A-1 Records: Located at 439 E 6th St., A-1 Records will be offering a clearance sale, including $1 to $3 singles. You can
Hey, chaos did some good things for music in the 1970s. Maybe it can do the same for a show about that music.