violence against women

A HuffPost investigation found that multiple men arrested for the U.S. Capitol insurrection have restraining orders against them over domestic violence accusations. Others have faced charges and served prison time for sexual assault.
The proposed legislation would allow a girl to be married once her sexual organs mature.
The executions close the case that got international attention for exposing the scope of sexual violence against women in India and prompting demands for justice.
Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg, Emma Watson, Nancy Pelosi and many more shared what the day means to them.
Even after the passage of the Femicide Act, Brazil still struggles to identify and punish gender-based murders.
The pontiff smacked a woman’s arm after she grabbed him during a walkabout on New Year’s Eve. He used his first address of 2020 to say sorry.
If we really want to protect our daughters, it begins with how we raise our sons.
Violence against women is a huge problem in the country and, according to experts, politicians are helping normalize it.
Italy’s “Invisibility Is Not A Superpower” exhibition aims to show women that they’re not alone.