violence against women act

Senate Republicans let it expire two years ago and there's no clear bipartisan path forward on one of President Joe Biden's legacy issues.
Claims that "defunding the police" will harm women ignore dire problems in policing gender-based crimes today.
Legislation to renew the landmark 1994 law has stalled in the Senate, where Republicans aren't even united on their own bill.
It rolls back crucial protections for Native women. It also strips out LGBTQ protections and a gun safety provision.
The House passed its bill months ago expanding protections for Native American and LGBTQ victims of abuse. The Senate has done nada.
The culprit? Guns, according to one researcher.
Twenty-five years after the Violence Against Women Act, some ask if it took the right approach.
They sided with the National Rifle Association over women’s safety. Not a good look!
The bill is headed to the Senate, where it will likely face an uphill battle.
The bill would tighten gun laws for domestic abusers, but the NRA calls it a "poison pill."