violence against women act

With the stroke of a pen, the president could clarify language in legislation that would close the gap in VAWA that allows dating partners convicted of domestic abuse to own guns.
The so-called “boyfriend loophole” in the recently reauthorized legislation still presents a clear danger to some domestic violence victims.
After years of ugly fights, lawmakers reauthorized the lifesaving law through 2027 and added new protections for Native women and LGBTQ people.
After years of ugly partisan fights and failures, Congress may finally reauthorize the landmark 1994 law credited with saving lives.
The Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on the need to renew the groundbreaking 1994 law after its authorization expired two years ago.
Republicans let the law's authorization expire in 2019. But Democrats say they're weeks away from unveiling a bill to renew it — with GOP support.
Senate Republicans let it expire two years ago and there's no clear bipartisan path forward on one of President Joe Biden's legacy issues.
Claims that "defunding the police" will harm women ignore dire problems in policing gender-based crimes today.
Legislation to renew the landmark 1994 law has stalled in the Senate, where Republicans aren't even united on their own bill.
It rolls back crucial protections for Native women. It also strips out LGBTQ protections and a gun safety provision.