violence in iraq

More than 140 people are wounded, police and medical sources said, extending the deadliest spate of attacks in the Iraqi capital so far this year.
Many women were detained for months or even years without charge before seeing a judge, HRW said, and security forces often
Add to that corruption, pervasive sectarian tensions and the chaos in Syria, he said, and you end up with the perfect conditions
Iraq's top army officer has criticised as premature the planned US troop withdrawal by the end of next year. Read more on
There haven't been any results in Iraq, either because President Obama hasn't tried hard enough, or because his efforts have failed.
"It's time for us to get out," he said in an interview. "If the U.S. military continues to do the job, the Iraqis are going
BAGHDAD -- Amal Kibash, a candidate for the Baghdad provincial council, is running a bold and even feverish campaign by most
New Haven, Conn. - The Iraqi pointed at me, pointed at his watch, and mimed an explosion. He'd been shouting frantically
It was hard to see exactly what was happening from the back seat of the beat-up armored Mercedes that was taking me to Baghdad
An NPR correspondent and three members of NPR's Iraqi staff narrowly survived an apparent assassination attempt in Baghdad