violence in schools

Police caught an 11- and 12-year-old with multiple weapons and say they were "willing to drink blood and possibly eat flesh."
A seven-year-old boy reportedly has a concussion after a teacher dragged him off a school bus. The boy’s Memphis school didn’t believe his story, but his classmate recorded the incident.
A 15-year-old told police that three other students held him up at gunpoint.
Peer pressure, poverty, violence, and drugs at home and in the schools is too much torment for a young mind to accomplish the necessary grades to graduate and live a fulfilling life, not to mention the cultural and economic challenges. There is however, an organization called in ENACT that is doing exciting, innovative work.
You can see some of the headlines and imagery used in the media narratives behind these 10 shootings below. For more on Pälviranta's
Considering all the above, it is time to rally the troops. I want to again declare war. However, I don't want to declare war across the ocean in a foreign land. I don't want to send our children and grandchildren back to Iraq. I want to declare war on our soil.
Our politicians serve up endless entrees of panique du jour. Of course, what we are supposed to be terrorized about differs, depending on whether you're looking at the left-hand page of the menu, or the right.
Since Eberhard took over the top administrator post, 17 staff members have been let go, union representative Judy Gerber
Can we agree that it is less expensive to run a safe school than a dangerous one, thus saving taxpayers money? Can we agree that before test scores can rise, students have to feel safe at school?
I am lucky to live in one of the few cities that released the documentary Bully a month ago and I rushed to see it. This film could not portray an environment more different from my teaching experiences if it tried.
CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated the children attend Marion Oaks Elementary School, this is not true. We
Attorney Gary Greenwald, Rickett's representation, said Monday that his client is a "much-loved" teacher, and that he will
After teacher Kelly Sanchez confiscated Halloween candy from a 10-year-old 5th grader at Zellwood Elementary school, the
No child should feel unsafe on their walk to school. If we are to turn around struggling schools, we owe this issue a bit of attention. Our children's lives and futures depend on it.
The over-policing of public schools -- is one more threat to our nation's children at risk of entering the pipeline to prison.
It is in everyone's interest -- the victim, the bully and the bystander -- to create a safe environment in which respect for one another is not just a voluntary matter but a baseline norm that we insist upon.
Several people excitedly told me I had to go see Tomas Alfredson's new film, Let the Right One In, a Swedish film which is also currently playing at the Angelika in New York.