violence prevention

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are much more likely than men to be victims
Pick the one that gets your fires stoked and get to work on it--and then stay to work on it because police violence and community violence are both huge problems. It's not a matter of dealing with one or the other--we've got to deal with both.
Many of the young people I have dealt with over the years firmly believe in carrying a gun. It's actually a commandment that they live by--"Thou shalt carry a gun for protection" is the way they put it.
Because our instinct to put children first is strong, we often ignore our own needs as parents. Even the Sustainable Development Goals, several of which* relate to family, do not mention parents or parenting. When will policymakers, practitioners -- when will we all -- recognize parenting and family life education as our collective blind spot?
Researchers tend to compare the bystander message to successful public health policies like condom distribution for HIV prevention
As a nation, we are deeply grieved by those nine noble lives we lost this week, led by Senator Clementa Pinckney. Now is the time for our nation to deal with its gun violence epidemic. We cannot wait. This generation depends on us to take action.
Resilience is best defined in practice as the ability to recover. It's a hard topic to bring up regarding school violence prevention - no doubt - but important when we can recognize success stories.
In order to prevent lethal school violence, we need to be able to talk about it. This is a difficult topic to talk about. If we truly want a national dialogue on lethal school violence prevention, then we quickly might find ourselves at a crossroads.
If we are serious about preventing violence, we have to be serious about early intervention. We have to work together to prevent child abuse and build better mental health screening and services for younger people.
As an emergency physician and a mother of a 6-year-old daughter, I recognize how essential it is to talk about the need for healthy relationships early and to model them at home.
Brazil's current approach to dealing with stray bullets borders on negligence. Supposedly random shootings are treated as collateral damage -- an unavoidable outcome of a tough on crime approach. If this gun-violence epidemic is to be reversed, urgent steps must be taken.
The prevalence of assaults within sports and college culture reflects the dire need to discuss ethical consent. University coaches, leaders, policy makers and legislators should require multi-session, leadership training for students.
There is nothing inevitable about gun violence. And while the scandalously high rates of murder in both Brazil and South Africa are treated by many as "normal," there are encouraging signs of change. Targeted crime prevention measures and public health interventions pursued in both countries are cause for cautious optimism.
When tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School, first-grade teacher Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, used her quick-thinking to keep her 15 students safe. Kaitlin founded the organization, Classes 4 Classes, to help prevent future violence and nominated fellow teacher, Kristi McCann and her class to get Glam4Good.
If you haven't seen the masterful William H. Macy movie, Rudderless, you need to. And if you have seen it and are wrestling with something please read on. Moreover, if you felt there was a lack somewhere, anywhere, consider how to find the composure to read on.
I want to you to be safe and away from the pain and anguish of an abusive partner. Please take these safety tips into consideration as you get yourself ready to leave. You are entitled to be free from abuse, no matter how unworthy you have been told you are or made to feel.
As much as people may want to deny it, young people are driving the sexual assault prevention and feminist movements forward. They are the catalysts.
As I often get asked to share my thoughts and opinions on violence prevention and self-defense, I want to share with you some basic safety tips that can help you prevent being targeted for violence.
As we’ve discussed, security is a top concern for banks at the board level. It’s not that the criminals are particularly
Keeping in mind the power of care and attachment between a mother and her child in the presence of domestic violence, the following is a note addressed to all men and women who grow up in this difficult environment.