I asked Jevgeni Davidov, an award winning and critically acclaimed dancer, to share his experience of dancing, competing, teaching and touching people's lives with the art of dance.
Two days later we walked past his spot again and there he was with a violin! I could see from its color that it was a different
Violinist Mia Matsumiya has finally found a way to deal with her stalkers online
"I'd just recorded everything as far as I was concerned. It wasn't a question of taking a break or anything like that. The recording industry is not what it used to be."
I've always been touched by socially relevant films and documentaries, realizing the importance of social issues and current events which is the goal and essence of Skoll's production company. However, on that very rainy day in Oxford, seated at the New Theatre, I realized that just like the film and its soundtrack, live music could turn into a very powerful tool to deliver a message about social and environmental issues.
Unlike the standard classical music circuit -- characterized by what Berman's team describes as the 100 concert a year demanding
When her fellow musicians and their teacher heard about her pending surgery, they knew what they had to do. Several of them
During her performance, Leah played three songs: “The Prayer,” “Amazing Grace” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” On Friday
Leah Flynn traveled all the way from her home in Florida to Ferguson in order to play her instrument for peace.
I would like to invite you to check yourself during the course of one day and see what situations throw you out of balance and how they affect you, your life and your surroundings. Some people spend their precious time interfering the balance of others, for the sake of being "right."