The app will no longer allow people to post videos of themselves tenuously walking over milk crate pyramids.
"Don’t believe everything you read," said the reality TV star and heiress.
Victorious Josh Vinson Jr. got a plastic trophy and an oversized cardboard crown after a Nebraska battle royale of Joshes armed with pool noodles.
“This is my phone.” A Black teen was falsely accused of stealing a woman’s phone at a Manhattan hotel.
“You’re going to jail.” A video of police officers trying to handcuff an 8-year-old boy is drawing scrutiny.
Videos showed NYPD officers pulling a protester into an unmarked van during an anti-racism protest.
The racist incident is prompting discussions about the long history of white people falsely reporting Black people to the police.
Dagmar Turner played the violin as doctors removed a tumor from her right frontal lobe to help preserve her music skills.
A rescue puppy born with an extra tail on his face is quickly getting worldwide attention.
Watch this robot perform somersaults, handstands, and even a split leap.
Watch this robot perform somersaults, handstands, and even a split leap.
“Atlas” can now do somersaults, handstands, and even a split leap.
As the 2020 presidential election approaches, candidates and voters alike are creating and sharing even more political internet memes.
When strangers began stopping me in the grocery store, I realized this State Farm ad was on a whole different level.
A skydiver shocked bystanders after they watched him lose control of his parachute.
Shocked bystanders watched a skydiver crashing after he lost control of his parachute.
The clip is going viral again after Trump claimed he was the "chosen one."
Robb Manes, who filmed the outlandish scene, dubbed it “The Great Mattress Migration of 2019.”
The Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper's placement of a dancing cockatoo picture was described as a “juxtapositioning masterclass.”
Wow! The stars showed off their spin-kick bottle opening skills in Instagram videos.