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Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci exquisitely framed the image from the president's unhinged news conference.
Police in the United Kingdom launched a tongue-in-cheek appeal to track down the pesky ruminants.
Photographer Rodrigo Kuntsmann shares the story behind his meme-able C-section picture.
Experts at the aquarium where the starfish lives say it's just an optical illusion caused by the way the creature's legs are attached to the rock.
The looks from the other contestants during his 24th-straight victory were priceless.
“I’m surprised I survived it too,” joked California Democrat Eric Swalwell.
The edited pic shows the president handing a MAGA hat to someone clinging to a fence.
Devonte Hart is one of eight family members believed to be in an SUV that plummeted off a California cliff, the sheriff said.
Huskies shouldn't be shaved without a medical reason, a vet says.